Redwood Jazz Alliance

Simply put, the Redwood Jazz Alliance wants more jazz in Humboldt County, more traveling artists coming our way, more performances in our venues, and more collaborations with our local students and musicians.

In partnership with the Humboldt State University Music Department, the RJA invites musicians from across the country and around the world to put on shows in the Arcata-Eureka area and to participate in workshops and clinics.

The RJA works with local radio stations, club and theater owners, musicians, fans, and festival organizers, to promote jazz music and to further develop the national reputation of an already thriving Humboldt arts scene.

We envision and work toward a future in which a visit to the Redwood Coast is an absolute must for top-flight jazz musicians eager to experience our unique blend of enthusiasm for the music and hospitality for those who play it.



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