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Top Picks for 2006

Five of six RJA board members responded to a poll asking for their favorite albums of 2006. Some picked 10; others 5. Some ranked their choices; others didn't. Top honors went to the album that appeared on the greatest number of lists, Kenny Werner's "Democracy." Second place fell to two members' #1 album, Andrew Hill's magnificent "Time Lines." Remaining rankings were determined by total number of appearances, with ranked listings outweighing unranked ones.

  1. Kenny Werner, "Democracy" (High Note)
  2. Andrew Hill, "Time Lines" (Blue Note)
  3. Dave Douglas, "Meaning and Mystery" (Greenleaf Music)
  4. Dave Holland Quintet, "Critical Mass" (Dare 2/Sunnyside)
  5. Odean Pope Saxophone Choir, "Locked and Loaded" (High Note)
  6. Chris Potter, "Underground" (Sunnyside)
  7. Ornette Coleman, "Sound Grammar" (Sound Grammar)
  8. Marcus Shelby Jazz Orchestra, "Port Chicago" (Noir)
  9. Nels Cline, "New Monastery: A View Into the Music of Andrew Hill" (Cryptogramophone)
  10. Drew Gress, "7 Black Butterflies" (Premonition/Koch)

Honorable Mentions:

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